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Drones services have become a commonplace part of our modern culture. In Florida, drones are used for a variety of surveillance, delivery, and recreational activities. While advancing drone technology can be exciting and enticing, it can also cause some potentially catastrophic issues. When drone photo shoots, delivery services, and flyover inspections go wrong, retaining a Melbourne drone accident attorney immediately is critical.

If your property has been damaged or if you have been injured by any type of drone-related negligence, you’re not alone. At Couture Law, P.A., our legal team has the experience and knowledge that you need to get the compensation you deserve. Below, we will look at some of the most common causes of drone crashes and how you can take action if you’ve been hurt by poorly piloted drones.

Leading causes of drone crashes

As with any new form of technology, there are many risks that must be considered before flying a drone. Unfortunately, many people do not take the proper safety precautions necessary to operate their machines correctly. Even experienced drone pilots cannot predict the outcomes of every possible scenario. Because of this, drone accidents are on the rise. In fact, drones are 100 times more likely to hit a building, vehicle or individual than any other kind of aircraft. In Florida, leading causes of drone accidents include:

  • Battery failure: If a user fails to properly charge the drone’s battery, or if the battery of the drone is damaged or dysfunctional in any way, it may die in mid-air, resulting in a sudden crash.
  • GPS signal loss: Drones that lose their GPS signals are sometimes incapable of connecting with their home base. These drones are essentially flying projectiles that could land anywhere.
  • Wifi and magnetic interference: Wifi and magnetic interference can cause drones to lose their ability to function. This could cause drones to fall out of the sky.
  • Inexperienced pilots: Untrained users like children, teenagers and adults who fail to properly learn how to pilot their drone could cause them to crash. Tourists who bring their drones on vacation are unaware of the surrounding terrain, or could be even intoxicated. Any individual who sends a drone skyward with little knowledge and a limited sense of responsibility is a public danger.
  • Inclement weather: Even experienced pilots can’t control the weather. Strong gusts of wind can blow a drone off course and into just about any structure or person. In some cases, people will use drones to scout out fishing areas or document storms. This can lead to any number of unforeseen problems caused by the environment.
  • Malfunctioning parts: With the increasing demand for inexpensive drones, product quality regulation has been known to fall short. Companies may sell cheaply made or poorly designed drones to the public. This can lead to the failure of critical parts.
  • Other vehicles: Some drone pilots overlook the fact that other moving vehicles surround them. If a car appears unexpectedly or another drone is being flown nearby, crashes can occur in an instant.
  • Trees: Drones that hit swaying tree branches could come crashing down on anything below.
  • Birds: Birds have a habit of completely disregarding human technology. Messy and unexpected bird-related drone crashes are uncommon, but not unheard of in Florida.
  • Irresponsible services: Delivery services like now use drones to deliver goods. Being that this is a new service, there are many safety factors that have not yet been addressed. While few serious drone-related accidents have been reported, delivery drones have and will cause damage to property. With an increased reliance on drones in the United States, delivery service drone accidents are likely to skyrocket.

The aftermath of a drone crash

If you consider overall construction of a drone, you’ll notice they are usually comprised of a dense metal structure, sharp rotors and complex mechanical inner workings. Now, take into account the speed and velocity that many drones are able to reach. Then, add in the complex electronic components and questionable reliability of GPS signals, plus a dash or two of user inexperience and human error. As you can see, this is potential recipe for disaster. While drone accidents haven’t yet become the norm, they have been increasing rapidly over the last few years. Some recent example include:

  • In August 2018, a drone unexpectedly crashed into the yard of a family in Tampa.
  • In August 2018, a drone in Hollywood, Florida nearly collided with a helicopter flying over the beach.
  • In July 2018, a drone crashing on a highway in Florida caused an explosive fireball that led to the highway closure.

Who is responsible?

When it comes to drone crashes and other drone-related accidents, the pilot of the drone is often will be held responsible. In many cases, drones are legally required to be registered to the FAA. If a part inside the drone malfunctions, the drone manufacturer and/or part manufacturer could be liable.

In the event of a drone crash that injures you or a loved one, you are not powerless. Even if the pilot is nowhere to be found, there are steps you can take to hold the negligent accountable. The first thing you should do is immediately contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in drone accidents.

At Couture Law, P.A., we believe that any and all responsible parties should be held liable for the damages caused by their negligence. This includes irresponsible drone pilots or companies that use drones to deliver goods. If you have suffered damages at the hands of another in Titusville, Melbourne or elsewhere in Brevard County, call the Florida drone accident attorneys at Couture Law, P.A. to evaluate your case and chart the best path forward.

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