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Parents across the country rely on school buses to safely transport their children between school, home, and extracurricular events. In general, school buses are one of the safest forms of transportation. However, like other vehicles, buses may become involved in accidents that result in injuries or even fatalities. People who are injured in a school bus accident may be able to receive compensation for medical bills and other related expenses.

Recent crashes in Florida

In 2016, Florida saw several school bus-related accidents, some of which were fatal. One incident involved a Bradford County commercial truck driver, who was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment after the 18-wheeler he was driving struck a stopped school bus on a highway near Lawtey. Seven students and the bus driver were injured along with the truck driver and his wife, who was found unclothed in the passenger seat. At trial, attorneys for the families of the injured students shared testimony from several children, who expressed that they had dreams such as becoming a college cheerleader, joining the military, and playing football, goals that were derailed for some of the students due to their injuries. A Florida state trooper also testified that the eight of the truck’s ten brakes were not working properly. In addition, the driver had been cited multiple times before the accident for a variety of offenses.

A fatal school bus accident took place in Sanford, Florida when a school bus allegedly pulled out in front of 63-year-old motorcyclist. Although the bus was occupied by 25 students, none of the children, nor the driver sustained injury. The driver faced the possibility of both criminal charges and civil court suit. In accidents that cause the death of the injured party, members of the decedent’s family may file suit on his or her behalf.

Devastating wrecks are random

Outside of Florida, the nation was stunned by news of a fatal school bus accident in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The driver faced several counts of vehicular homicide after the bus collided with a tree and six children died as a result. The driver is said to have diverted the bus off its regular route and onto a winding road. Police reported the bus was traveling at a speed well over the posted limit of 30 mph at the time of the crash. Parents of students who were injured or killed in the accident may choose to file a civil suit to receive compensation for their children’s injuries and death-related expenses if applicable.

What to do after an accident

School bus accidents can happen anywhere. Residents of Titusville and Melbourne, Florida should get to know their students’ bus drivers and talk to their children about bus safety. Monitoring small children when being picked up and dropped off at their bus stop can also increase overall safety. Drivers and pedestrians should look out for school buses when sharing the road. In the event that an individual is involved in a school bus accident, the first call should be to emergency personnel to summon police and medical personnel to the scene. After the police have taken a report and injured parties have received medical treatment, the next call should be to a qualified Melbourne bus accident attorney. Contacting a lawyer early can help injured parties ensure the protection of their legal right to compensation.

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